Sunday 18 March 2018

Kevin Myers: If Phil Hogan is the tough guy of Government, what can we expect when we meet the wimp?

Phil Hogan, the hard chaw of this Government, the politician with a buffalo's spine and a tiger's teeth, the man who takes no nonsense or prisoners, as Minister for the Environment recently announced the ¿50 charge for the registration and inspection of all septic tanks.

These measures to protect our water table not surprisingly caused anger and dismay from people who are not used to such innovative taxes. And what did the minister do next? Why, revealing the spine of plankton, the teeth of seaweed and the courage of a tadpole, he duly folded.

And this is the tough guy of the Government. Jesus Christ: what happens when we meet the wimp? Does he give us the deeds to his house, plus his wife and a sister or two? And is it any wonder that with negotiating skills like these at the head of government, the Irish taxpayer is repaying the German banks for their insanely reckless investments in Anglo Irish Bank? The only wonder is that we haven't also agreed to pay the German reparations to the victims of the Third Reich. That's probably the next step.

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