Wednesday 17 October 2018

Kevin Myers: I'd like to think that gun control will stop the massacres, but it won't

EVEN the most hardened experts in the field would have been astounded by the savagery of the Sandy Hook massacre. However, all such slaughter in the US invariably causes foreigners to pronounce knowingly on both their causes and the cures. It's one of America's misfortunes that outsiders – who might have been to New York or Florida for a few days – think that they both understand the country and can solve its problems with simple solutions.

In the case of these increasingly regular massacres, the stock response, especially from liberals, is "gun control". If only it were that simple.

The phenomenon of mass shootings has been intensely examined by vast numbers of academics, as well as by federal bodies like the National Academy of Science and the Department of Justice, not to speak of the FBI, which has an entire division dedicated to it. If the cure were straightforward, surely these studies would by now have found it.

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