Wednesday 14 November 2018

Kevin Myers: I have been libelled by Wikipedia, and I regard it as a potential source of great evil

Kevin Myers

THE black rat, courtesy of bubonic plague, proved this was one world. The great Asian flu in 1918-19 did something similar. And the AIDS pandemic of the 1980s and 1990s did likewise, this time proving that a rectum in New York could within hours be infecting one in Berlin. This one world is now united by the internet, the great sewer in cyberspace. One world: one colony; one colon.

If you haven't been libelled by Wikipedia, you probably love it. I have been libelled by it, and I regard it as a potential source of very great evil. The Wikipedia entry on me a couple of years ago said I was a child-rapist who sodomised boys in Belfast, my crimes being covered up by my masters in British intelligence. It is impossible to imagine a more wicked and lethal libel, an incitement to murder in a land replete with murderers. That's Wikipedia for you, the intellectual bathhouse of our times, in which you can swap personal fluids and fatal viruses with complete strangers.

Do this. Find out the name of a really big banker on Wall Street, and just see how little information Wikipedia has on him. Then check anyone in Irish life who is well-known but not rich. Contrast the entries. The really rich powerful man probably has a skeletal entry, not too many scandals, and no information about where he lives. But the entry of the less powerful will not merely list his home address but also much private material, plus -- if he has any enemies -- possibly many falsehoods, as I discovered.

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