Saturday 16 December 2017

Kevin Myers: How could anyone tell an honourable man, as he toiled through his last months, he was wrong?

YES, we all feel for the family of Brian Lenihan, who served his country like a true patriot. But we have to ask hard questions NOW and not grant the decent period of grace that one properly accords the bereaved at such a time, for we cannot allow whatever remains of our future to follow poor, gallant Brian into the grave. So: how much worse were our problems made over the past catastrophic 18 months by the presence of a terminally sick man at the tiller, just as vital decisions were being made?

Now it is almost impossible to have an adult conversation in the Irish media about anything sensitive. Remember the hideous frenzy of sanctimonious hysteria that fell about TV3's ears for revealing that the most important man in the State was battling with a potentially fatal cancer?

So why would anyone bother to tell the truth in a society that clearly prizes the girly qualities of sensitivity and secrecy over the manly qualities of hard truth and realism? It wasn't just the tabloids who started squealing about how howwid the outstanding Ursula Halligan of TV3 was for telling the truth: for there too was the 'Irish Times' and RTE, huffing and puffing about TV3's insensitivity.

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