Wednesday 13 December 2017

Kevin Myers: History rewards 'stickers' such as Queen Elizabeth II

NO ONE who remembers the last great royal wedding could possibly have thought that when the next such event occurred, the Queen would still be queen, the Duke of Edinburgh would even be alive and the Prince of Wales would still be the Prince of Wales.

Thirty years is a very long time -- as much as elapsed, say, between the 1918 general election and the Mother and Child Scheme, or the outbreak of the First World War and the Normandy landings.

Many improbable things have happened since Charles and Diana married. Britain and Argentina fought a war and Iraq fought wars with just about everybody. The IRA went into government with Ian Paisley. The USSR withdrew from Afghanistan and communism collapsed. A conflict between militant Islam and the Christian west, dormant for a quarter of a millennium, erupted again, with thousands dying in New York, London, and Madrid. Now, NATO and even Irish Army soldiers have taken over from the USSR in Afghanistan.

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