Monday 23 April 2018

Kevin Myers: Hibernian humbug and the nuclear option

Kevin Myers

IT'S NOT as if I wasn't warned. A company called Dominium sent its subscribers an email last autumn warning of imminent price-rises in oil: now, it said, was the time to buy into its "black gold" shale-extraction project in Oklahoma.

Well, I'm the fellow who didn't invest in property in the centre of Dublin in 1996 because I was sure that the property market had peaked, so, naturally, I did nothing. In December alone, the value of the black gold shares that I didn't buy nearly doubled.

December: remember December? The coldest December in recorded history, and also just about the most windless. What else can I tell you? Well, let me ask you a question. The "global warming crisis" has been with us for around 15 years, during which time the UN has held countless conferences on it, costing perhaps billions of dollars, and every developed country has publicly adopted eco-friendly policies. So how many countries have actually reduced their CO2 emission in that time?

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