Tuesday 16 January 2018

Kevin Myers: Funerals of suicidists should be a reminder of the lifelong catastrophe that they have caused

Kevin Myers

This column was begun before news of the Cork tragedy broke. Its relevance remains.

Myles, the son of friends of mine, recently took his own life. It was the final attempt of several. Though an outwardly happy, athletic young man, he was as inexorably drawn to death as a salmon to the sea. Neither the love of his parents and friends, nor the heartbreak that would certainly follow upon his going, was enough to keep him alive. He wanted to die, and die he finally did.

There is an apparent logic in suicide. Death is our only certain portion, so suicide is merely delivering at a specific time and place what is coming anyway. In his own mind, why should a suicidist postpone death? To spare his parents the grief of burying their boy, in order that in the fullness of time, he shall fully know the grief of burying his parents? And so then he may do what he'd wanted for so long, but only after they'd finally got what they probably didn't want at all?

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