Sunday 25 February 2018

Kevin Myers: FF doesn't aim high because it understands moral mediocrity

Kevin Myers

John McGuinness TD may be right with his forecasts that Fianna Fail will die unless it ditches its current leadership. But I doubt it. For Fianna Fail defies ordinary rules, even of grammar.

Is it Fianna Fail is? Or Fianna Fail are? I don't know. Certainly, it's less a political party than an organism, like a vast interconnecting underground fungus, that doesn't have spores but cumainn. In human terms, Fianna Fail is/are a free association of people who need a fix of one another's company in the weird seances that connect them with their dead ancestors and their living political masters.

The founders of Fianna Fail, Eamon de Valera and Sean Lemass, intuitively knew that the boundaries of party membership are not defined by subscription or by calendar. The stalwart who declared that his family were in Fianna Fail from before the '98 Rising tells a greater truth.

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