Friday 19 January 2018

Kevin Myers: 'Equality' is the feminist right to whinge

'Women,' said Stephen Hawking, when asked on his 70th birthday, what he thought about most. 'They are a complete mystery.'

Quite so: and you know, sometimes I'm really surprised when I sail right into a columnar uproar. But not today: today is Balaclava.

Why do so many women claim to seek what they do not really want, namely, equality? They don't want the equality to become steeplejacks or coalminers or lumberjacks or deep-sea welders half a mile under a North Sea oil rig. They want equality in banking and in medicine, but only provided that they don't have to keep anti-social hours, which -- as soon as professional women encounter them -- are redefined into "machismo schedules" and "anti-family work practices", and therefore anti-women.

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