Friday 19 January 2018

Kevin Myers: Enda, poster-boy for 'Time' who is paid more than Barack Obama

IT'S hard to know what to say of 'Time' magazine's decision to put Enda Kenny on the front cover. After all, one doesn't want to be seen to be a begrudger, a word that is so meaningless to American-inspired software that my IBM computer angrily underlines it in red, declaring it not to exist.

Quite so: the concept of begrudgery really has little or no meaning to Americans, who so often seem optimistic and upbeat -- originally an American term, naturally -- to the point of certifiable insanity.

But still and all: Enda Kenny on the front page of 'Time' as the architect of the comeback of the Celtic Tiger? Of course, we tend to think that people in big organisations, especially if they're American, know better than we do.

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