Wednesday 13 December 2017

Kevin Myers: Enda Kenny leads the Paisleyite lynch mob

WHAT happens when the Taoiseach addresses the Dail like a particularly enraged caller to a phone-in radio programme? Do harmony, lucidity, thought, care and reason result?

Or does public life begin to resemble a mob in a market place? And if the speaker on the platform is sounding inflammatory, what exactly is happening at the back of the crowd, where young men appear to be gathering rocks?

The last person to use such unforgiving and disdainful language about the Vatican was Ian Paisley -- the old Paisley, mind, not the dottily babbling and cheery old grand-uncle that has emerged in recent years. Go back 40 years and you will find in the pages of 'The Protestant Telegraph' precisely the kind of vituperative talk that graced Enda Kenny's speech to the Dail on Wednesday. This now, from the leader of Fine Gael, the party which was once a political extension of the Catholic Church and which faithfully did its bidding: hence the Taoiseach's party and governmental predecessor, Liam Cosgrave, actually voting against his own government's bill to allow the sale of contraceptives.

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