Friday 24 November 2017

Kevin Myers: Dutch built barriers to avoid becoming part of North Sea. We must erect barriers or we become part of Grossdeutschland

Just listen to the Europhiles discussing the next stage of European integration. It's rather like some Zeppelin-enthusiasts at Lakehurst Naval Station beside the smoking remains of the Hindenburg asking: What time does the return flight to Germany depart, please? So what's left of the political project to create a united Europe of equal parties, with the cremated torso of Greece in the tail-section, and Ireland's corpse in the nose, and poor old Portugal, nearly a cinder amidships? And still sitting at the helm with a smile on its face is Germany.

The Zeppelin analogy ends here, because whereas the Hindenburg was a complete calamity, the disaster that is the EU is only a political setback for Germany's ambitions for a united Europe. Economically, it remains as strong as ever, because Germany has never ceased to make things that tick, or click or go vroom.

Meanwhile, the domestic economies of half a dozen other EU countries have been broken by their insane membership of the euro, a single currency that should properly be called the Grossdeutschmark. In Ireland, a euro-obsessed political-class is now an obedient functionary of Berlin; thus we have the astonishing sight of the Irish taxpayer servilely reimbursing German banks and their shareholders for their quite insane investments in the Hibernian South Sea Bubble called Anglo Irish.

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