Wednesday 21 March 2018

Kevin Myers: Different rules now apply for heterosexual men -- both in California and here in Ireland

IT is as well that the choice of Susan Denham as Chief Justice is solely on merit. Had she been chosen because of her sex, it would have been both bad for law, but also unsayable (for judges are effectively beyond commentary, other than awed approval).

Anyway, Chief Justice Denham has finally achieved the acclamation which I have long awaited. And actually, her sex is a positive factor, for it will make her rulings immune to any charges of sexual bias to which male judges have been vulnerable, especially from the agenda-driven PC quangos, whose primary function is to create laws and institutions that suit their needs. This has resulted in piebald justice masquerading as a thoroughbred of all-embracing egalitarianism.

In March last year, Judge Elizabeth Dunne in the High Court upheld the constitutionality of the appalling Sexual Offences Act (2006), which discriminates between underage boys and girls who have sexual intercourse, either vaginal or anal. Boys can be imprisoned for this. Girls cannot. The 21,000-word ruling may be found at (IEC101).

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