Thursday 18 January 2018

Kevin Myers: Conspiracy within a free society is an abomination, and Fianna Fail is the great Conspiracy Party

Kevin Myers

Firstly, there's nothing wrong with Brian Cowen and Sean FitzPatrick having a game of golf. That's what business leaders do. Talking while exercising is better than talking over a table.

Nonetheless, the two men probably deserve to be disbelieved in their declarations of innocence, for each embodies in his own way the toxic traditions of the conspiratorial inner sanctum that have done so much damage to this country. The underlying psychology, and the resulting methodology, of the Sanctum are not merely incompatible with democracy: they spell ruin for the country that exalts conspiracy as the Only Way.

What follows in this column is a well-beaten track, which arouses boredom and anger in equal measure. Which is fine. Neither reduces the essential accuracy of my oft-stated thoughts on the matter.

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