Friday 23 February 2018

Kevin Myers: Concessions must always be extracted from the great mythic source of power and injustice, the heterosexual male

Poor old Richard Dawkins is in the wars again. He was recently ambushed on BBC after forgetting the full title of Darwin's 'Origins of Species', and last weekend he gave another wretched interview, of the kind in which he seems to specialise, to 'The Sunday Times'.

No profile of him ever describes his manner of speech without declaring that he either "harrumphs" or "scoffs". And so I was expecting the cross, humourless and slightly mad professor when I did a public interview with him during the Listowel Writers' Week last year. Instead, a very pleasant Richard Dawkins turned up. The talk was scheduled for an hour. After an hour and a quarter, I took a vote if we should continue. The unanimous response was Yes. I had to call a halt after two hours, because the venue had to close. It was a really pleasant evening, with a really pleasant man.

But I don't agree with him -- or his friend, the late Christopher Hitchens -- about the consequences of the godless world that they espouse. Kindness, goodness, common-sense, rationality, prudence: these are not the values that will result from the departure of organised religion, now called "faith communities" in the latest absurd twist in the language mutilation of political correctness. PC is just one corner of a politico-moral triangle -- its other apices being dogmatic secularism and cultural authoritarianism -- which is taking the place of religion.

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