Tuesday 24 April 2018

Kevin Myers: Completely Inept Everywhere – no wonder CIE is at end of the line

Kevin Myers

IF the proposed Bus Eireann strike ever goes ahead, it will be a heaven-sent chance for that still-tethered but creative beast that is the private transport sector. Any strike over a recovery plan would really resemble a refusal of the stokers in the Titanic to come up on deck until the captain removes the iceberg from their canteen.

Strike or not, CIE is approaching its end. It was cobbled together nearly 70 years ago and whatever justification there might have been for it during that great national euphemism, 'The Emergency', long ago buckled beneath insupportable losses and CIE's delightful reinterpretation of its own acronym: Completely Inept Everywhere.

Billions of state money has now gone into the most incompetent state transport service anywhere, apart from Haiti's ass cart and, due to unforeseen circumstances, Syrian Railways.

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