Monday 11 December 2017

Kevin Myers: Church's duties lie at home, not in Honduras

Kevin Myers

Surely the most pitiful life-belt that the Irish Catholic Church is now reaching for is the Trocaire-notion that its primary duties lie in providing a sort of human rights movement for the poor in Central America.

That, certainly, is the thrust of Trocaire's Lenten television advertising campaign. This includes a winsome little girl called Digna, with rather startlingly shampooed hair, who tells us (via subtitles) that armed police came into her home and scared her.

Another ad says lugubriously that gang warfare in Honduras is rampant. What? Gang warfare, rampant? How shocking! Yet another ad concludes with a shot of a dancing little girl who, the voiceover warns, when she grows up, will have to sell the only thing she owns ... and as the camera gazes on her little body, the voice goes deeper as it intones, "night, after night, after night".

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