Thursday 15 November 2018

Kevin Myers: Chumps fail to grasp the evil virus behind 9/11

So much has been said about 9/11 that there's no point in my adding anything about related events in the US or in the Muslim world. But in its own way, as interesting was the impact of 9/11 on Ireland and Europe generally.

Putting aside the shock and disgust felt by all, left and right, pro- and anti-American, at the appalling loss of innocent life in this perfectly evil atrocity, there was a very clear division in the subsequent response. On the one hand, there were the Chomskyites, henceforth the chumps, who felt that there was an underlying "reason" for 9/11, which had been "created" by US policies. And there were the others, the Burkians, who felt that 9/11 represented yet another occasion when evil had captured the souls of men. We'd seen it before -- the French Revolution, the October Revolution in Russia, the Third Reich in Germany, Mao and Pol Pot. And now, here we go again.

I know where I stand; firmly as a burk. Most of those in Dublin's liberal silicate triangle of Sandymount/ Sandycove/Sandyford, wherein the greater part of the media and academe reside, are chumps. We burks do not think that reason and cause motivated men to kidnap innocent airline passengers and fly their plane into skyscrapers. Politics is not present here, only the darker sides of the human psyche.

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