Monday 20 November 2017

Kevin Myers: Cathedral in the sky celebrating pieties and pensions of our public service unions

Kevin Myers

THE word was originally Aramaic. It entered the English language in the late 19th Century from Yiddish, in which it took the form we know it by today: chutzpah. And by heavens, it took some chutzpah for SIPTU to press ahead with its plans for a new and super-sized multi-million euro Liberty Hall, 22 storeys and 100 metres high, while the rest of the economy was on its hands and knees, licking puddles.

But why would SIPTU not have chutzpah? It is simply the public-service in martial-mode, armed and ready for the fray, and would have as much understanding of the lives and worries of the private sector as the Vatican had of the famished serfs of Latvia when it decided to build St Peter's Basilica 500 years ago.

Moreover, SIPTU not merely has architectural vision: it also has an assurance of an income flow.

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