Wednesday 25 April 2018

Kevin Myers: Buying a birth cert doesn't make Elton a parent

Kevin Myers

The "news" that Elton John and the man we are now expected to call his husband, David Furnish, were joint fathers of a little boy, broke when I was already in the DTs.

So I assumed it was a purely personal hallucination, a smaller version of that more regular detox yuletide nightmare, the one in which I'm having sex with Ayatollah Khoumeini and Woody Allen. These things pass, once the final molecule of turkey is washed out of the system.

But since I tend to keep newspapers, and the de-turkification is now complete, here it is, before me now, in this newspaper of December 29, via 'The Daily Telegraph' service, from writers Nick Allen and Laura Roberts. "Elton John has become a parent after he and his partner David Furnish fathered a child through a surrogate mother."

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