Thursday 22 February 2018

Kevin Myers: Brilliance of American TV has shown up the wretchedness of our domestic products

All ideologies are wrong, including the one that says all ideologies are wrong. But generally speaking, the free market is the best way of getting the best out of society.

Now that appears to be an insane declaration, at a time when the most visible markets in the world, the stock exchanges, are about as rational as a women's gym changing-room containing a mouse with a camera. However, this is not a dogma, merely a rule of thumb.

Other rules work in life; one is that most institutions have a finite life cycle. The early principles that cause zeal and inventiveness wane, as twin evils of Institutional Vanity and Workplace Comfort become the guiding principles of existence. Historically, you can see this in the British motor industry, General Motors, Pan Am, GEC -- but not, for some reason, the German motor-car industry.

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