Thursday 22 February 2018

Kevin Myers: Boris Johnson is more than a philanderer for whom women remove their knickers with ease, as men do the equivalent

Kevin Myers

IT's always chilling when one sees an alpha male who doesn't stick by the rules being applauded for his non-compliance.

A charismatic man being indifferent to law, with the support of a smiling and indulgent audience, is one of the most dangerous developments in any society; for as a rule, no rule survives once rulers over-rule the rules that rule their rule.

Last weekend, in quite the most abject, lickspittle and fawning piece of journalism that I have had the misfortune to read in a very long time -- or indeed possibly ever -- the 'Sunday Times' carried a profile of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, by the journalist Andrew Gimson. That it managed to pass the rigours of the editorial process -- through sub-editor, features editor and main editor -- suggests that no one realised that what was being perpetrated was a complete violation of the usual rules of journalism.

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