Opinion Kevin Myers

Monday 23 October 2017

Kevin Myers: Biggest threat to man is probably less from 'global warming' than from the hysterical myths about it

Kevin Myers

Dawn, on New Year's Day, 2010. A silver florin of a moon was setting, west by north-west, as the sun rose in the opposite quadrant. That moon, fat and full and fair, had shone throughout a cloudless Arctic night, during which a patina of glittering hoar frost had been laid on every single object, from horizon to horizon.

Now the entire landscape glittered beneath its fading beams, and the pale shadows still cast by its lunar glow lay pointing towards the rising sun. Trees and hedges glittered in the last moments of the night's regime: a new day, the first of the year, was breaking to the east.

In a single instant, the world changed. The shadows cast by the submarine light of the moon vanished, and in that same moment, were succeeded by opposite ones, cast by the sun. I had never seen such a thing, but there it suddenly was, happening before my eyes, with the first moonset and the first sunrise on the first dawn of the first day of this decade.

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