Monday 20 November 2017

Kevin Myers: Being Irish does not excuse us from adhering to a moral order

Kevin Myers

AS we prepare for yet another funeral from paramilitary violence, and as we steal yet more of our grandchildren's future to pay for our follies, it's surely reasonable to wonder how long this nonsense can go on.

Within a single generation, thousands of people died in a war that is still not quite over and which no one can now explain. We have now ruined this State, creating historically unprecedented debts.

As the Dunnes' ad proclaims: "The difference is, we're Irish." What does the smug exceptionalism behind 'being Irish' actually mean? Does it mean that we may violate the universally accepted rules of God and man, and kill certain people whenever the mood so takes us? Does it mean that our bank regulators can ignore the cardinal rules of finance? And when our banking system collapses, does it mean those regulators can walk off into the sunset, with tax-free golden handshakes and inflation-proof pensions for the rest of their lives, which is what they did? Does it mean that the outgoing cabinet, which presided over the greatest sovereign-debt fiasco in European history, should similarly reward themselves? Well, they did too.

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