Friday 19 January 2018

Kevin Myers: Be afraid of what passes for news in the dark depths of cyberspace

The unofficial media are now a methane-filled swamp, infested by bloodthirsty cannibals

THE Leveson Report on the media in Britain is about as relevant as some 15th Century abbot solemnly warning his monks in the scriptorium not to quill any heretical thoughts on their parchments, while Herr Gutenberg's presses broadcast the news. Yes, the medium really is the message: more people probably learned about Leveson on the internet than they did in newspapers. Indeed, the very term 'media' no longer has any real meaning, when almost everyone is both a participant and a consumer in what was until recently a controlled market place, in which a small group (us) sold and a large group (you) bought news and comment, like any other commodity.

But now the walls of the city are broken, and everyone can trade in an information market place that has absolutely no rules. And as the suicides of cyber-bullied teenagers confirm, almost anything can be said in the vicious and depraved Gomorrah of the internet. In as much as it is possible to describe patterns in this abominable world, two clear groups are both the primary censors and the activists.

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