Friday 22 June 2018

Kevin Myers: Arab Christians don't see events in Middle East as liberating

Yesterday I was writing about the power of the feminist meme: today I am writing about an even absurder mental concoction, namely the "Arab Spring" meme.

This delusion is based on the rather interesting notion that you can place the template of the Prague Spring of 1968 upon the Arab world. This is rather like imposing the rules of rugby on the Chelsea Flower Show. You can, if you really want, compare floribunda roses to the South African front row, and possibly fascinating analogies can be made between a Garryowen and Clematis Montana. However, the coach that names a prize hydrangea at out-half is likely to meet disappointment in life: and the gardener who plants Tongan wing-forwards in his orchard will face an apple-free autumn and scurvy by Christmas.

However, what makes the Arab Spring meme so fascinating is its sheer power. Consider Prague, home in 1968 to one of the finest symphony orchestras in the world and to one of the greatest ballet companies in Europe, with many lively schools of philosophical and literary debate.

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