Saturday 24 February 2018

Kevin Myers: Another reason to hang our collective heads in mortification

HERE we go again. Another day of national humiliation, another day of public mortification, another reason to hang our collective heads in shame. I make no judgment whatever on any decisions made in Galway Hospital. They remain beyond my view. What is clearly in view is the repeated failure of Dail Eireann to legislate decisively on an issue that is clearly going to remain with us, and could only have been avoided so far because dear old bloody Britain is next door to solve most of our abortion problems for us.

Look. This failure is not some departure from some norm of political accountability and moral clarity. The norm is failure. The norm is fudge. The norm is imprecision. The norm is that we only act on difficult issues when we are commanded to by Europe; so much for the "Republic".

You've probably forgotten that the only reason women have equal pay is because Europe ordered us to implement it. Incredible as it might now seem, back in the 1970s, the ICTU actually opposed equal pay – and whenever a powerful special interest group flexes its power in Ireland, politicians become strangely compliant.

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