Friday 24 November 2017

Kevin Myers: All sides are not equal in religious violence

AN interview on RTE Radio One last week between Pat Kenny and Robert Fisk proved to be a perfect distillation of the moral equivalence and factual imprecision favoured by the liberal left whenever Muslims start behaving irrationally.

The context, of course, was the homicidal hysteria which once again is sweeping the Islamic world over the childishly inept video that is supposedly about Mohammed, but really could be about anything. Early in the interview, Fisk referred to the "Christian version of al-Qa'ida", by which he meant the provocative idiots who deliberately insulted Muslims. But insulting people is not quite the same as flying planes into crowded skyscrapers, or beheading non-believers, or blowing up Shia mosques, or slowly scalding people to death, or cutting their throats, which is what al-Qa'ida regularly did to its victims in Iraq, and its affiliates still do in Afghanistan.

Referring to the murder of the US ambassador in Libya, he described the makers of the "rubbish video" as "two looneys" who had managed to "stir up otherwise quite reasonable people into besieging embassies in Cairo and Benghazi", leading to "deaths". So there we have it: the people who made the video are lunatics; but the people who murdered the US ambassador are usually reasonable people.

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