Tuesday 23 January 2018

Kevin Myers: A passionate Irishman who fought gallantly on the right of the battle line of Irish journalism

In days of medieval warfare, the most terrible place to stand was on the right of the line of the army in battle. Duty and danger lay together for those knights as right-handed warriors converged upon one another. The first blows were struck on the right, where the most gallant stood, and where they also fell.

Alan Ruddock held the right of the line of Irish journalism. His stand against the IRA, against the querulous and toxic Irish laws that were the shield and guard of terrorism, was one of the epic struggles against neo-fascist Provisionalism.

As Irish editor of the 'Sunday Times', it was he who chose to fight Slab Murphy's libel action against that newspaper for naming him as a member of the army council of the IRA. No other newspaper was prepared to take the risk of confronting Murphy in court.

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