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Wednesday 20 November 2019

Kevin Myers: A paid officer of the State shrieks abusively about male genitals and no politician rebukes her

Kevin Myers

'THE shafting of Joan Burton proves it," declared Susan McKay of the National Women's Council recently in the 'Irish Times'. "We have gender apartheid in Irish politics. The country is once again to be run by Irish men with brass necks and brass balls."

Speaking of the man that had been given the job she wanted Burton to get, McKay went on: "Brendan Howlin has no significant experience of finance, but he's a man. A safe pair of balls."

She added: "Roisin Shortall is a seasoned politician and got a huge vote in the election. Jan O'Sullivan has been impressive as Labour's health spokeswoman but both have been given junior rather than senior ministries. Why? Because there were bearers of balls who wanted the big jobs."

McKay concluded: "We could do with a minister for women's equality but for now, we welcome Kathleen Lynch as the Minister of State with responsibility for equality. She will be well able for the men with brass necks and brass balls. She will have to be."

In a 560-word article about sexual inequality, Susan McKay referred to men's genitals four times. Pray tell me, what would happen if I wrote about the unisexual nature of the National Women's Council (which is paid for by the State and from which men are rigorously excluded) and I referred to any of the female members as being "possessors of pussies"? Just how many feminist quangoes, not to speak of the Press Council, would come howling for my blood if I characterised women ministers of this Government as having "brass necks and ferocious fannies"?

Susan McKay, with her shrill, intemperate, hysterical language, has provided us with another insight into the cultural inequality which now bedevils this society.

Women can say what they like about men and are officially empowered to take á la carte complaints about the institutions of the State. The absence of certain women from government positions is "proof" of the institutional discrimination against women. Meanwhile, the NWC simply and systematically ignores the feminist imbalances that are changing the nature of Irish life.

I have written many times about the outrageous law that discriminates against 16-year-old boys, who can go to jail for having consensual sex with 16-year-old girls, whereas specifically by that very same law, the girls MAY not be imprisoned. I have often written too of the tweely named Dochas, the women's "prison", where inmates have their own individual "rooms" with en-suite showers/toilets, while 100 yards away, five male prisoners are crammed into cells with a stinking chamber pot on the floor.

Our medical profession has been transformed by the arrival of women doctors, the vast majority of medical students now being female. The result has been to make medicine a largely office-hours-only profession, with many women doctors leaving full-time employment in their 30s to work part-time, or not work all, in order to have families. The ensuing gaps are then filled by male doctors from developing countries, many of them Muslim.

All of these she-doctors have had their education paid for by the State -- yet it is illegal for any medical college to ask an applicant whether she plans to remain in medicine if she has a baby. This is fatuous -- but no more fatuous than a system apparently designed to ensure "equality" for women doctors, which then results in the creation of a largely foreign and male medical profession. If the 'Guinness Book Of Records' had a category for idiotic dysfunctionalism, it would surely go to the feminist agenda which resulted in hospital doctors being increasingly male, foreign and Islamic.

But no, I have no objection whatever to foreign doctors -- after all my father was once one in Britain and my wife's life was saved last year by a very brilliant foreign doctor -- but I do have serious objections to the culture of censorship that prevents people from even discussing the various outcomes -- racial, religious, cultural, ethnic -- of official state policies. And at this point I am now braced for the many lunatic thought-police quangistas that will come howling for my blood, my freedom and my career, merely for uttering these heretical thoughts, as they did three years ago after I argued for the ending of aid to Africa.

IDON'T have an opinion about whether Burton or Howlin should be the minister who turns us into worker-bees for the IMF/ECB. They're just politicians whose careers don't interest me. What does interest me is that 90pc of all suicides are men: that he-prisoners fester in the shit-filled dungeons of Mountjoy while she-guests nearby enjoy their warm showers, their buzzing rabbits and the freshly ironed sheets of Dochas: that through an abject politically correct haplessness, we are creating a medical profession that is, culturally and ethnically, increasingly unrelated to the population it serves: that secret family courts are routinely expelling fathers from family homes, with utter disregard for one half of the binary core of our legal system, that justice be seen to be done: and finally, that we have a paid officer of the State shrieking abusively about male genitals, like a fish-wife, and not a single politician dares rebuke her.

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