Wednesday 17 January 2018

Kevin Myers: A paid officer of the State shrieks abusively about male genitals and no politician rebukes her

Kevin Myers

'THE shafting of Joan Burton proves it," declared Susan McKay of the National Women's Council recently in the 'Irish Times'. "We have gender apartheid in Irish politics. The country is once again to be run by Irish men with brass necks and brass balls."

Speaking of the man that had been given the job she wanted Burton to get, McKay went on: "Brendan Howlin has no significant experience of finance, but he's a man. A safe pair of balls."

She added: "Roisin Shortall is a seasoned politician and got a huge vote in the election. Jan O'Sullivan has been impressive as Labour's health spokeswoman but both have been given junior rather than senior ministries. Why? Because there were bearers of balls who wanted the big jobs."

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