Monday 19 February 2018

Kevin Myers: A constitutional declaration that we adore children is meaningless blather

Kevin Myers

'Keane emerges as preferred candidate for HSE chief executive,' said the headline. Well, why not? Robbie Keane has had what football-writers call a chequered career, so why should he not take over the Haiti that is our health service?

And then, every time the waiting lists increased, he could do his trademark (and slightly arthritic) forward-roll down a trolley-lined hospital corridor festooned with bodies, some of them even alive. No better man. But then it turned out that the Keane in question wasn't Robbie but Tom.

Ah well. It's easy to be confused these days. This State has had a few interesting periods in its 88 years of existence, but last week must be up there amongst the best.

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