Monday 23 April 2018

Kevin Myers: 'A black economy is a true disaster for a government'

Kevin Myers

The bad news is that the black economy is back. It's not just bad news for this Government; it's bad news for whatever political quilt has the misfortune to inherit power from the outgoing bundle of rags that is Fianna Fail.

A black economy is a true disaster for a government, never mind one that is addicted to tax-take as any Irish government must be, after the supine Croke Park deal. It doesn't need an Adam Smith to outline the downward spiral that results when government over-extracts taxes from its tax base.

Taxpayers see that the Government (and the public servants) is getting more from their labours than they are; moreover, the taxpayer knows that -- unlike those public servants, the best-paid in Europe -- s/he can lose their job any day.

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