Friday 20 April 2018

It's down to us to halt curse that is the Lisbon Treaty

Ulick McEvaddy's opposition to the Lisbon Treaty has made the front pages, no doubt because his pockets are bulging with doubloons and ducats. No matter. Better debate of any kind than that we be steered by an arrogant and indoctrinated political class into an irreversibly terminal surrender of sovereignty. Though unlike Ulick, I have not read the Lisbon Treaty. I tried. The Lisbon phonebook is more fun.

Now, there is a broad spectrum of opinions as to our future. On the one extreme there is the view that to take control of our destinies, Ireland must not merely negotiate a departure from the EU but must also erect barriers between ourselves and the United Kingdom. On the other extreme, you have the committed Europeans, who endorse every Europhiliac scheme being dreamt up by Brussels, and who shriek that if this doesn't happen, then we'll have another Auschwitz on our hands.

Now, there's only one person that I know of who proposes the first crackpot, lunatic scheme, and that's me. Which is fine. I'm more than happy, standing alone, all alone, on the wave-washed strand. But the other extreme, the one that scolds us for being bad boys, and which warns we'll start chucking one another into gas chambers unless we obey the latest EU directive on bagpipe-noise, or the colour of our lawns, why, that encompasses almost our entire political class.

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