Thursday 21 February 2019

In the post 9/11 world, any kind of brutal depravity is possible - even 'laudable'

Kevin Myers

IT'S HARD to remember this now, but six years ago almost no one in the world could have believed it was possible to have a mass-suicide plot to bring about the death of thousands in the United States.

Innocent days: for suicide-killings are now 10 a penny in the West Bank, Afghanistan and Iraq, and even occur in Britain. The once universal taboo on self-murder, and the equally universal fear of death, are now apparently extinct across much of the Islamic world.

Now most of us understand the warrior concept of almost certain death in battle. All cultures have revered those who were prepared to give their lives in a holy cause. Even when they are the enemy, we recognise and even admire those who are prepared to go to certain death fighting for what they believe in. The Waffen SS soldiers who freely sacrificed themselves for their Fuhrer were universally respected by allied soldiers; so too were the Japanese Kamikaze pilots, 2,000 of whom gave their lives in the service of their emperor. They were selfless warriors, who died attacking legitimate and purely military targets.

But the current generation of Islamicist suicide bombers have no such scruples, and apparently prefer to slaughter defenceless innocents. In Iraq, hundreds, perhaps thousands of Shia men women and children have been killed by Sunni suicide bombers. In one recent attack on a Shia women's university, a time-bomb detonated as the girls were leaving lectures for lunch. A suicide-bomber in a car then watched which direction most of the hysterical girls were running after the blast, then drove into their midst and detonated her bomb, killing around 100 girls.

Now, in all my innocence, I was shocked by that atrocity, but only because I hadn't been paying enough attention to moral developments in the Islamicist mind. After all, did not Islamic militants three years ago seize a school containing 1,000 children in Beslan in the Caucasus, before massacring nearly 200 of them? If in the name of your religion you can do that to infants, then teenage girls who violate Islamic law by trying to improve their minds are an utterly legitimate, indeed laudable, target.

Study whatever fascist or totalitarian movement you like in world history. None has made a military virtue of killing children or young women; none has extolled the virtues of martyrdom in the course of such butchery. Just about every single taboo, both military and social, is violated in such operations: and only Islamicists could hail such deeds as pious. Such boastful, barbaric filth was beyond even the depravity of the Third Reich, or the wickedness of the Soviet Union: for these regimes kept their foul deeds secret, knowing that they were intrinsically shameful.

Everything about these people mystifies me. I am as incapable of predicting their next moral nadir as I am the conduct of a hunting pack of violent chimpanzees; acts that I once thought quite impossible, for these people prove to be both possible and laudable. Thus the latest stunt once again took me completely by surprise. Because the medical profession - or so I thought - was everywhere dedicated to saving life, in all societies, and all cultures. That's why people become doctors. Even in war, army doctors save lives. In Vietnam, in Korea, on the Somme, medics on all sides never recognised uniforms, but only casualties: even a Nazi doctor in Normandy would treat a wounded allied soldier before a German if he was next in line.

So the idea that doctors could conspire to commit the mass murder of hundreds of innocent civilians is yet another departure without precedent in the annals of conflict, never mind of civilisation. (That one of the targets was an airport at the height of the holiday season, full of families waiting for their charters to the sun, is merely an adornment to the colourful themes already established in Beslan and Iraq).

Now all this would be depressing enough if it did not occur against a larger Islamic backdrop of denial and equivocation. Some 25pc of British Muslims believe that the London bombings which occurred two years ago on Saturday were the work of British intelligence; and most Islamic "condemnation" of Islamist terrorism invariably contextualises it, as if there were some logical or moral connection between holiday-makers in Glasgow airport being blown apart and events in Baghdad or the West Bank.

So, is it very surprising that there has yet to be a major rally of British or mainland European Muslims denouncing Islamicist terrorism?

So what next? I have absolutely no idea of the next depravity to be dreamt up by Islamicists. None whatever. My imagination, like yours, is not up to the task. Could it be the destruction by Islamicist nurses of a maternity hospital packed with infidel infants? Or is that too moderate?

The twin towers was inconceivable, but it happened. English suicide-bombers were inconceivable, but they happened.

The gleeful, proud transmission around the world of images of beheadings was impossible, but it happened. The massacre of naked children at their school was impossible, but it happened. For in the post 9/11 Islamicist world, anything is possible: anything.

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