Opinion Kevin Myers

Monday 16 July 2018

Endless winter of our discontent and the crazy ideology of global warming

I KNOW it's springtime, because my frostbitten foot just fell off. I lost half my nose on the day of the vernal equinox, in this era of Official Global Warming. I am now down to my last thigh, one arm, and a nostril, and am typing this with my forehead. Forgive the spealing. 2013 seems to have lasted forever. Is it 2014 yet? No? Ah: how long to go? Nine months? You and I, we could make a baby in that time. You fancy one? No, me neither.

How did we get to this place of perpetual dogma, where even the weather is ideological? The collapse of communism was meant to have rid the world of such nonsense, but it didn't. Do you remember the justification for the EU's Constitution? No more fascism. Yet the EU now thinks nothing of violating constitutions and local laws, as if we are perpetually stuck in May, 1940, but instead of Berlin's Panzers knocking out Norway, Denmark, Holland and charging towards Calais, they're wrecking whatever Mediterranean economies are in the way.

As a matter of interest, just how do you make a country immune to fascism by stealing its savings and making its citizens eat straw? And why would people reject extremism when they know that when their children reach adulthood, they'll each: A) personally owe the troika €250,000, and B) have an annual income of a bag of gravel, 60pc of which will be deducted at source?

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