Sunday 19 November 2017

'Anti-Semitic imams will no more see inside a jail than a synagogue'

Kevin Myers

A WORD to any aspiring columnists: don't ever write anything about the Holocaust, David Irving, the Third Reich, Bishop Williamson or how many Jews were murdered in the Second World War, anywhere else but on a piece of paper, with a pen, alone in the unlit cloakroom under the stairs.

Then burn the paper, eat the ashes, and never tell anyone what you've done. Most of all, never ever offer your opinions within the cyber-bedlam of the internet. That way, you might possibly know some peace. Otherwise, prepare for all three Crusades, the Hundred Years' War, and the Black Death.

That's one thing you learn when you do what I do for a living. There are some really terrible people out there, seething and simmering with hatred: schoolyard slaughterers who haven't yet got round to loading up their handguns, and who in the meantime spend their time venting their bilious spleen about the worldwide Jewish conspiracy that concocted the myth of the Holocaust. And then there are others, who think anyone who reads David Irving, and who accepts that he might occasionally have a point, must by definition be Eichmann reborn. When I wrote last week about the Bishop's remarks, I hadn't seen the Swedish interview which prompted the wave of "he's a Holocaust-denier" hysteria which swept across Europe. I have now.

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