Tuesday 24 April 2018

New post-Tiger boom roaring with young cubs and old cats

In a nation still failing to thrive, gallivanting greys and Google kids are bucking the trend, writes John Drennan

GOOGLE-EYED: Enda Kenny, friend of web multinationals
GOOGLE-EYED: Enda Kenny, friend of web multinationals

A PUZZLING contradiction is starting to emerge in the narrative of the Irish State, and for once it has little to do with our politicians.

Despite the best attempts of the Government to say otherwise, for the vast majority of citizens Ireland is still experiencing a recessionary stagnation. High streets continue to be emptier than Goldsmith's Deserted Village, courtesy of a contained but still venomous mortgage arrears crisis and the vast swathes of people left with no money after the bills have been paid.

But while most of the country is failing to thrive, there are exceptions where, if a Martian (or a group from the Troika) were to land in Ireland to go looking for this recession, they would leave believing it is as mythical as the leprechaun.

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