Saturday 20 January 2018

Ministers, not voters, toast their successes

Citizens just want jobs, growth and an end to grinding austerity, writes John Drennan

It is a measure of the air of uncertainty surrounding the Coalition that, as we approach the second anniversary of this Government, Fine Gael has decided to hire a political director.

Apparently the task of the latest "special one" will be to educate the backbench serfs about the achievements of the current Cabinet. It is tempting to observe that they should also let the public in on the secret, but we are perhaps being too cynical.

Certainly the Government thinks so – and may have a case, for up to a year ago had we experienced a month where a deal would be concluded on the "prom notes", a replacement found for Croke Park and a date set for the ending of the infamous bank guarantee the streets would have been strewn with lotus flowers.

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