Saturday 16 December 2017

John Drennan: This contest will reveal true state of our politics

Only Norris threatens FG's bid to achieve a complete takeover of the political system, writes John Drennan

Presidential candidates are not quite as separated from reality as those barristers in the law library who believe the main purpose of a general election is to select the next Attorney General, but it is often a close-run thing.

In spite of the apparent harmlessness of a position where, like a government backbench TD, or, ironically enough, the British monarchy, your main purpose is to say nothing and stay alive so we are all spared the inconvenience of an election, a certain fine madness seems inevitably to attend our presidential campaigns.

Still, when it comes to those of us who live in the cheap seats, if it is useful for nothing else, the Presidency provides us with a delightful soap-opera to divert us all from the recession.

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