Opinion John Drennan

Saturday 17 November 2018

John Drennan: The party's over for FF -- even with no election

Two brave individuals from within the ranks have shown the beaten soldiers their destiny, says John Drennan

Predictions about the destruction of Fianna Fail are becoming like the bond rates for Irish debt. Just when you think the party is about to set a new record they fall even farther. In our guide to the next election we went further than any other commentator and suggested FF would lose 36 seats.

Though they might not believe it, we were being optimistic, for the slightest electoral default will cost this political equivalent of a sub- prime mortgage a further 20 TDs. This reality did not stop a party hellbent on self-destruction from setting new records in the field of political stupidity last week.

Over five politically wretched days it was revealed that FF, in collusion with the Greens, is prepared to undermine the Constitution and hide the fiscal truth from the people in order to maintain its grip on power.

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