Wednesday 17 January 2018

John Drennan: Ray of light but Rainbow must heed three wise men

Angry radical voices ought to be a wake-up call for our supine Government, writes John Drennan

So could it be that finally out of our recessionary fugue some shards of light are coming? Our elite may still be dealing with the great Irish disruption like the hare that hides, ears flattened against the grass, praying that the hunting pack of the ECB will not see it.

However, the contributions of three unexpected sources suggest we are beginning to experience a form of national renewal. And, better still, the voice that is articulating such strange new sentiments is an angry radical one.

The first sparks were kindled by that rarest of creatures known as "the good civil servant". Robert Pye's polemic against the intellectual venality of the mandarin classes, who suppressed dissenting voices to protect the 'special relationship' they built, increment by increment, with their political masters, confirmed our deepest suspicions.

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