Sunday 18 March 2018

John Drennan: Oh masters, let us bow in celebration of your care

'Paddy' must and will force our German overlords to examine their own sins, says John Drennan

It is tempting to compare our political elite's proposed 'celebration' of Europe tomorrow to those grim scenes in Prague in 1939, where the citizens watched silently as their then new Panzer-driving German 'partners' rolled through the streets.

In truth, Europe Day -- tomorrow's 'rededication' of Ireland's relationship with the EU -- actually looks more like one of those wedding-vow-renewal ceremonies where, amid the high sentiment, no great harm will be done and nothing useful will be achieved.

Mind you, seeing as we are all supposed to be thinking more positively these days, it is perhaps too reductive to simply dismiss the Europhiles' Dail tea party, for it does provide us with a unique national opportunity to supply our European friends with an honest audit of how the European experiment has worked (or not) for Ireland.

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