Saturday 18 November 2017

John Drennan: Lining them out for the rainbow dream team

Playing fantasy political football,our gaffer, John Drennan, fields his strongest squad for a rainbow cabinet

Were a modern Wilde to write a play about the current state of Sinn Fein, he would probably call it The Unwanted Suitor. That was certainly the case last week, as a bored media attempted to conjure up the possibility of a Labour/ SF coalition.

Unsurprisingly, the cautious Mr Gilmore picked up his petticoats and fled, because the Labour leader, his unwanted SF friends, Fine Gael and Fianna Fail all know that nothing is more likely to depress the Labour vote more than the prospect of a grand SF, Labour, Independent FF, Independent FG, People before Profit, Green Party coalition.

Indeed, Mr Gilmore was so anxious to ditch the SF albatross that he suggested Gerry should consider ringing Biffo and FF. Sadly, while Mr Adams might be prepared to go into coalition with Ian Paisley, he has some standards.

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