Thursday 23 November 2017

John Drennan: It's clear Lucinda hates Enda the way only a woman can hate a man

Creighton's intoning of Garret-like standards has reignited a bitter battle within the party, writes John Drennan

TRUST Lucinda Creighton to spoil Enda Kenny's Adi Roche moment. Back in 1997, the then-Labour presidential candidate famously claimed that she could "feel it in me waters" that she was going to win.

Last week, the only thing Kenny wanted to tell the good citizens at the MacGill Summer School was that he could "smell an election" and a Fine Gael government coming.

But all the media wanted to know about was Kenny's response to the fragrant Lucinda Creighton's implied claim that there was a terrible smell of Fianna Fail coming off Enda.

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