Friday 23 February 2018

John Drennan: Enda and the EU Chocolate Factory

This referendum has very little to do with growth versus austerity, writes John Drennan

You might think a referendum, a wedding and a Grand National are very dissimilar, but they do share one common aspect: once the thing starts, it is quite hard to stop it without a great deal of chaos.

Last week, as the tectonic plates of austerity began to crack, a 'No' campaign, faltering under its nihilistic irresponsibility, grabbed desperately at the possibility that there might be a recall of our referendum runners and riders. However, as Richard 'Posh' Boyd Barrett and a Sinn Fein party that is secretly horrified at the political fallout it will experience if a 'No' vote is actually secured, raced up the aisle shouting 'stop', the Government was in no mood to take the placemats off the table and cancel the rest of the do.

Amidst a wildly oscillating EU environment that has affected even the stolid Germans, on the surface it may look as though a cautious decision to wait for the turbulence to pass has a lot of credibility.

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