Saturday 20 January 2018

John Drennan: Enda and Eamon should not get too cosy

No coalition is unsinkable -- especially if one of the partners feels Sinn Fein's breath on its neck, says John Drennan

THE two coalition partners may be manoeuvring aro-und each other with all the caution of a Los Angeles lawyer negotiating the pre-nuptial agreement between his daughter and Charlie Sheen, but those at the top table at the wedding party are grinning over the happy ending they believe they have secured.

It is clear a Fine Gael party that really only lost its bearings when it had to deal with the possibility of an overall majority was a safety-first crew who had no intention of going it alone. Even so, there could still be ructions on the Dail dance floor. Ironically, the greatest danger this potential government of all self-proclaimed talents may face comes from their own backbenchers. It is unlikely all those new Labour TDs will respond happily to the spectacle of Sinn Fein and the United Left Alliance nibbling at their moral political posteriors, or to the inevitable praying mantis-style relationship that will evolve between the competing Fine Gael and Labour tails.

The mood of Fine Gael's 'socialist' friends will not have been improved by last week's Wright Report. Labour is keenly aware that when it comes to Gilmore's great escape, it was the public sector vote wot done it. However, one of the key revelations of the Wright Report is the role the collusion of the trade union beards with Bertie played in the break-up of the country.

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