Wednesday 13 December 2017

John Drennan: Dail happy to spend its time chasing red herrings

Our Government lacks the capacity to deal with anything but a foolish soap opera, writes John Drennan

The Leinster House circus may have been dominated by the travails of Mick the tax cheat but, the moment that most accurately captured the state of Irish politics was when, just as the EU began to implode, Taoiseach's question time last Wednesday was devoted to Enda Kenny's St Patrick's week visit to America.

As we watched an event whose irrelevance would depress a French existentialist, it was as if nothing had changed from the dying months of Biffo's interregnum where the government became as detached from the real world as the last emperor of China.

The similarities, alas, do not end there: for it increasingly appears that this Government is beginning to suffer a similar psychological collapse to that experienced by the Cowen administration.

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