Sunday 21 January 2018

John Drennan: Bowing to EU may spell Enda Rainbow

Despite protests to the contrary the coalition resembles a busy fool leading us to ruin, writes John Drennan

ONE of the more intriguing political traits of our Taoiseach is that the more confident he is the worse he performs. When Enda Kenny's back is against the wall, and he is being written off as a happy fool, a cautious steeliness enlivens his public performances. But, give the man six months of good publicity and suddenly the John Travolta-style strut and the beaming JFK smile emerge, as the hidden veil of arrogance leaps out of the attic.

The Taoiseach's Mr Hyde persona was certainly on full display last week, and it wasn't a pretty sight. Much of the latest list of debacles was little more than political soap-opera for those Labour TDs who managed to get upset about Kenny's smartarse promise to make an honest politician of the Reverend Mother Gilmore.

Unlike Albert Reynolds and Harry Whelehan, the eerily similar 'the Taoiseach will have what the Taoiseach wants and damn the consequences' stance of Kenny over Kevin Cardiff will not cost him the services of a single backbencher. But it may, in tandem with the dry-cleaning expenses and the clearance in bus-lanes for ministerial cars, have inflicted a number of unnecessary flesh wounds that could yet turn septic.

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