Saturday 20 January 2018

'Dear Leader' will pay price for autocratic shenanigans

Taoiseach's handling of runaway inquiry offers Fianna Fail and voters chance to finish him off, writes John Drennan

Socialist TD Joe Higgins
Socialist TD Joe Higgins

One of the many measures of the deteriorating political cunning of the Taoiseach consisted of the spectacle, last week, of puzzled FG TDs electing the even more surprised Marxist Socialist Joe Higgins to the cherished Banking Inquiry.

As FG TDs wondered how the 'Dear Leader' has got them into yet another fine mess, the debacle is all the more astonishing because of the original status of the Banking Inquiry as the Coalition's political ace in the hole.

The Inquiry would be the bolt gun that would be used to finish off Fianna Fail in the unlikely event that it might dare to bark a little before the next election.

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