Tuesday 21 November 2017

Lucinda hopes to get her revenge in Big Phil's Marble City stronghold

Phil Hogan
Phil Hogan
John Downing

John Downing

'Those Aylwards certainly know how to get votes," one Fianna Fáil veteran said just days ago at Leinster House.

The comment summed up Fianna Fáil stalwarts' hopes that they would finally stop the rot by winning their first of what will be seven by-elections to be held since the current Dáil took office in March 2011.

The unveiling yesterday of a Fianna Fáil star of the future, under the Renua Ireland colours, raises questions about that assertion. It also raises the intriguing prospect of Renua leader, Lucinda Creighton, having her revenge on her old Fine Gael colleagues, by taking the seat vacated by that party's former "enforcer," Phil Hogan, now the EU Agriculture Commissioner.

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